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After many years of working within construction industry, it was noticed that a considerable amount of energy and time was spent searching for reliable subcontractors to undertake works on various construction projects, from electrical and mechanical engineers, bricklayers, and decorators through to groundworkers and plumbers.


It seemed the only way to source operatives / subcontractors were through word of mouth or directly through a recruitment agency. The process was long, restrictive, expensive, and frustrating. Sourcing reliable operatives that worked to a high standard seemed to be near on impossible.


Naturally, it was noticed that there was also no simple and effective way for the operative (Subcontractor) to also source contracts or long runs of work.


There were many procurement websites, that mentioned platforms that both the contractor and subcontractor could search for or advertise works and projects, but these were for the small business or for the limited company and not for the individual operative / subcontractor.


However, what if there was a way, the construction business could search for available subcontractors / operatives at a touch of a button, whether it was for a long run of work, or to cover / help for just a day or two. What if there was a way, the subcontractor / operative could update their availability and let prospective firms know they were available, again either for long periods of work or in between projects.  

This is when SubbieHub, The Subcontractors Directory was established.


Sam and Amy have both worked within the construction industry for many years and both shared the passion of starting Subbiehub after noticing there was nothing out there specifically for Subbies and Contractors to easily connect.

Our Team
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